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As an integrated cross sector wellbeing and innovation hub our goal is to improve lives by improving the context in which support for change occurs, as well as delivering meaningful and relevant services. Supporting people with complex life situations and multiple disadvantages, such as mental ill-health, homelessness, domestic and sexual violence and abuse, substance misuse, (re)offending and poverty we focus our support around recovery, belonging, rehabilitation and wellbeing.


Our Vision

A hub where organisations work together, support one another, and through an innovative model of collaboration, seek to bring out positive change and social justice for individuals and communities.

Our Mission

Work together to resource and mobilise effective and innovative support that builds capacity for positive change in the lives of people, their communities, and our city as a whole.

Our Values

The CoLab ethos is rooted in promoting social justice and providing a space for everyone to realise their full potential.

Compassion - We accept and value people at any stage of their journey

Welcome - We provide a welcoming, non-judgemental, and hospitable environment

Collaboration - We believe that success and innovation is something we achieve together

Ambitious - We will develop new ideas, be courageous, and learn from our actions


Collaboration in Action

Vision Care for Homeless People 

Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP) set up an optician's clinic in the Clock Tower Surgery in July 2017. It is run by volunteers, with many local optometrists coming in to do eye examinations, all free of charge. A third of homeless people have never had an eye test and a further third not in the last ten years. Without spectacles 35% of VCHP patients nationwide could be considered to have a functional visual impairment, so this is a vital service that we are lucky to have on our doorstep! VCHP are grateful to Bill Opticians (Newton Abbot) for glazing the lenses in the spectacles, Specsavers for supplying the majority of the test equipment, and to Pret Foundation for financial support.

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